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Your Favorite Toy - Michael Cretu - Mystic Hits (CD)

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  1. Lyrics for Mona Lisa by Michael Cretu. Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, man have named you You're so like the lady with the mystic smile Is.
  2. Mystic Pop [18 Titel/Tracks]: 1. The Landing , 2. Turn Around , 3. Gravity Of Love. , 4. T.N.T. not only it encompasses some of the best works from Michael Cretu but its also extremely coherent. It has an extraordinary opening with two new songs whose purpose is to get you in the mood (something the Editor didn't seem to /5().
  3. Album Mystic Hits - Enigma,Michael Cretu - | Nhiều người vẫn lầm tưởng rằng Enigma là một ban nhạc với các thành viên giữ những vai trò khác nhau tương tự các ban nhạc khác nhưng thật ra Enigma không phải là một ban nhạc, mà là một sản phẩm của Michael Cretu, người đứng sau Enigma.
  4. Enigma - Crazy Life (Cretu & Thiers) 7. Enigma - Your Favorite Toy (Cretu) 8. Enigma - Captain Right (Cretu & Thiers) 9. Enigma - When Love Is Missing Word (Cretu & Thiers) Enigma - Intro (Cretu) Enigma - Mikado (Cretu) Enigma - The Invisible Man (Cretu) Enigma - Waterfall (Cretu & Thiers) Enigma - Snowin Under My Skin.
  5. Find Michael Cretu credit information on AllMusic. Find Michael Cretu credit information on AllMusic AllMusic. New Releases Hits und Raritaten: Séverine: Composer: In the Heat of the Night (Remixes ) Mystic Spirits, Vol. Composer: Reflections: Sandra: Composer, Lyricist.
  6. Album: Mystic Hits mp3 download Year: Artist: Michael Cretu Quality: High Rating:  Michael Cretu - Mystic Hits album Track listing.

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